Rather fictional texts. Blog posts tend to be of real life, but may be highly subjective, like diary entries.

And we all know, diary entries might not be "true" at all - they are glimpses of thougts caught in a moment.

Command and Control, 001
“Now, it should be ready!” “Should be…?” “Well yes, it should be fine, just go for it!” Alan grasped the switch with their right hand, looked at Pat and started pulling. “It doesn’t move!” Alan shouted, their knuckles white squeezing the handle.... continue reading.
Reflecting my past behaviour in relationships from the responsibility process point of view.
You Ran Out of People
How can one know how serious the economical situatiation (or the situation in world overall) actually is?
How bad is it already, really?
Reflecting my life throught the diaries of Patricia Highsmith is fascinating, I love finding similarities in people who are so different from me.
Finding Yourself In Others